Hitman 3 Featured Contract | The Mystery of the Tricky Trio Silent Assassin guide

Make short work of them.

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3 received a good chunk of new content today as part of its Patch 3.11, including a handful of new Featured Contracts to play through. Brought to you by the people over at Kinda Funny, these Featured Contracts take place in the game’s Dartmoor location, having you take out specific targets. One of these missions, The Mystery of the Tricky Trio, tasks you with taking out three targets in the swampy mansion.

Of course, the mark of every good assassin is to do so undetected to earn the Silent Assassin rank. This is easier said than done, as witnesses are always snooping around, but we know how you can accomplish this task right here.

Kill Phinas Whitmer

The first target for you to take out is Phinas Whitmer, the private investigator hired to look into Zachary’s death.

When you start the mission, you will be outside of the mansion’s front gate, and you will see Whitmer approaching the guards. You can’t take him out now, so head to the right side of the gate and vault over where the wall is broken.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take the path across the small stream on the right of the bridge and crouch down in the bushes here. After a small wait, you will see Whitmer crossing the bridge and heading to the manor.

Right as he crosses the bridge, toss a coin between the bridge and you. This will alert him and lure him over to the area, which will be out of sight of anyone else around you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When he picks the coin up, toss another one a little farther into the bushes. When he goes up to grab this one, take him out and snap his neck when prompted.

Take his disguise and be sure to drop your gun here, as you will need it out of your inventory to continue. Pick up the coins you used to lure him as well.

Kill Mr. Fernsby

Your next target will be the manor’s butler, Mr. Fernsby. Luckily, Whitmer’s disguise will get you access to pretty much everywhere on the map, so you won’t have to worry about trespassing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Continue up to the mansion to meet the staff member who is there to greet Whitmer. Posing as the P.I., speak with her and follow her up to the mansion’s entrance.

You will be frisked by the guards here (hence the dropping of your gun), and then you can enter. In the entry, you will be greeted by Alexa Carlisle and Mr. Fernsby himself. Speak with them briefly, and Carlisle will tell you that Mr. Fernsby will help show you to the scene of the crime.

Fernsby will then begin taking you upstairs to the crime scene. Carlisle and another guard will be in front of you, going up the same stairs, so wait until they have made it to the top and are out of sight,. We recommend bumping into Fernsby as that will trigger him to stop for a short amount of time, allowing more distance to be put between you and Carlisle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the middle landing on the stairs, subdue Mr. Fernsby and snap his neck. Once he’s dead, quickly drag his body down the stairs and immediately hook a right around the banister. You will be just out of sight of the two guards right there, giving you the chance to put Fernsby’s body in the container under the stairs.

Kill Flynn Sharp

The last target is Flynn Sharp, the photographer, and he can be found in the back of the mansion, setting up his camera.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head out back and go to the left side of the garden. You will see a container with a guard standing on the other side of the bushes. Toss a coin at the container to get the guard’s attention, and he will walk around to investigate. When his back is turned to you, subdue him and hide his body in the container.

Now, wait for Sharp to walk away from his camera and come up, just on the other side of the bushes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Toss another coin at the container to lure him over. When he comes to pick it up, subdue him, snap his neck, and hide his body in the container.

With all three targets out of the way, head to the exit, and the mission is over, earning yourself the Silent Assassin rank in the process.