How big is the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.0 update?

How long do you think the Endwalker update will take for you to download?

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The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker update has nearly arrived, and with it, a mountain of content to wrap up the present main storyline. In the 6.0 update, you’ll be running through quite a bit of new Main Scenario content, dungeons, an adjustment of new items, and the melee DPS Reaper and ranged healer Sage classes. When the servers return on December 3 for those going into the game’s early access, you’ll have to download the Endwalker update. How big is the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.0 update?

At the time of this writing, we do not have an exact announcement of the file size. We do have the full patch notes for Endwalker from the Final Fantasy XIV team, though. Along with that, if you check out the Steam page for Endwalker, the system requirements list out any player who wants to play the game should expect to devote 80 GB of hard drive space. This is an increase of 20 GB from the Shadowbringers Steam page, which means the final size will be roughly around 20 GB, potentially more.

However, the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker update will not reach 100 GB, so if you already have the game installed on your system, you can expect to download somewhere between 20 to 30 GB. The time it takes to download Endwalker on your system may vary, and the PlayStation file size could also change.

Overall, you shouldn’t expect to spend the first few hours of your day waiting for Endwalker to download. But you might need to wait a little for the servers to cooperate because Square Enix is expecting the Final Fantasy XIV servers to be running into problems on launch day with everyone trying to join.