How Blind works in Destiny 2

Don’t look directly at the light.


Image via Bungie

Blind is a status effect you can expect to encounter in Destiny 2. With it, you can quickly take advantage of opponents when battling in a PvE setting or fighting against other Guardians in PvP encounters. It’s an important status effect you can use every so often, and knowing how it works can benefit you in multiple situations. This guide covers how Blind works in Destiny 2.

Everything you need to know about Blind in Destiny 2

The Blind status effect occurs in two ways. When you use them in a PvE situation against NPC enemies, they will be disorientated for several seconds. While in this state, they will be vulnerable and incapacitated from the fight, giving you the chance to get the drop on them and take them out or focus on larger enemies while they remain in this state. It does not last forever, but it can buy you a few seconds to dash away from these opponents and regain your shields.

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The second way Blind can be used is against other Guardians in PvP battles, which means it can also be used against you. When you blind another player, their screen has a complete whiteout effect, blurring their vision, and their HUD is temporarily removed. It will be difficult for them to move around while in this state, and you’ll likely be able to use these precious seconds to eliminate them before they can retaliate.

This status effect will be available in your Arc subclass kit across any Guardian. It will be available in the Arc 3.0 update in Destiny 2, which will be available to all players on August 23. There, we’ll get a better look at how this status effect works and how you can amplify it with your preferred Arc build.