How to chop trees, cut grass, and build a Chicken Coop in Ranch Simulator

Keep those chickens safe.

Image via Toxic Dog

A ranch isn’t even a ranch if doesn’t have a chicken coop, so in this guide we will show you how to make one in Ranch Simulator. This will cover a few central mechanics in the game that you will need to get used to.

The first step is to find the lawnmower, which will be in a nearby shed, marked in the game with a waypoint. Remember you will need to turn the ignition on and off each time to get into, or out of, a vehicle to stop it from using up gas.

Drive the lawnmower over to the area that will be marked by a red waypoint and a blue circle. Get off the lawnmower and move any items that are in the way, such as a water tank if you built it close to this spot earlier.

When the area is clear, stand in front of the tree and hit E when prompted to cut it down. Make sure you are facing away from anything the tree might land on. When the tree falls, interact with it again to chop it into logs, then pick up those logs and move them anywhere you like, just make sure the ground is clear inside the circle.

After that, hop back on the lawnmower and drive it all over the blue circle. It will automatically cut the grass, and when you get it all, you will be able to build the chicken coop.

Stand in the blue circle, hold the Tab button, and select the Build option from the radial menu that pops up. Select the cheapest chicken coop and hit build, and the task is done. You can now move on to the next chore for your ranch.