How Diamond Dynasty Conquests work in MLB The Show 21

Civilization meets baseball.

Conquests can be a great way to bolster your Diamond Dynasty team. However, the concept, at first, can seem a bit tricky. If you’re struggling to grapple with Diamond Dynasty Conquests, we have you covered, so let’s go over what you need to know about them, and what the goals are in these events.

In Diamond Dynasty Conquests, the final goal is rather simple: take over all the territories on the map. Territories are denoted by the hexagonal figures on the screen. Empty figures mean that the territory is free and can be taken over, while colored ones denote that a team already controls that particular area.

Fans are the lifeblood of conquests. Fans, denoted with an M, simply means that you have manpower. The more fans that you have, the more territories you can take over and the more you’ll be able to fend off opposing teams.

In each map, there are a number of MLB teams. These teams’ strongholds are denoted with a team logo.

In Diamond Dynasty conquests, there are a number of phases that you’ll need to get familiar with. These phases are as follows:

  • Attack – The phase in which you can take over vacant territories and other teams’ territories. In order to attack vacant territories, you’ll need to have more than one Fan in a particular territory. If you do, you can take an adjacent one over. To take over an opposing team’s territory, hover over it and you can either simulate or play a game. Win the game, and you take over the territory. Keep in mind that you’ll want a fan advantage, or otherwise you’ll have to face the other team on a higher difficulty.
  • Steal Fans – This is the phase where you can play an opposing team, and take some of their fans to bolster your own territory. The amount of fans you can steal will depend on how many fans that team has left, plus the difficulty you play on.
  • Reinforce – This is where you can reinforce your own territories with more fans. Ideally, you’ll want to bolster territories that border other teams’ regions. This will ensure that you can successfully fend off an attack from another stronghold.
  • Move – This is the phase in which you can move fans from one territory you control to another.

Each conquest will also have a number of goals. The goals are pretty straight-forward, and you should be able to complete all of them by filling up the map. Also, keep in mind that each goal typically grants a reward.

In order to completely wipe off an opposing team, you’ll want to take over all of the territories, plus the squad’s stronghold. Take all of the strongholds, and you win the map and the conquest.