How do Destabilization Missions work in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Operation Motherland?

Break Bodark from the inside.


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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Operation Motherland introduces a new type of mission to the game: Destabilization Missions. You’ll need to complete these across Auroa to free it from Bodark and give control back to the Outcasts. But there’s another element to these missions that makes them more beneficial than you might first realize. This guide explains how Destabilization Missions work and why you should complete as many of them as possible.

How do Destabilization Missions work?

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Destabilization Missions exist in every region of Auroa in Operation Motherland and task you with doing various things to destabilize the Bodark activities in a region, such as destroying vehicles, liberating key sectors, or freeing Outast prisoners. As you complete Destabilization Missions, you’ll unlock a new mission to rid the region from Bozark control entirely.

However, Destabilization Mission serves another purpose. Each one you complete increases the Outcast presence in the region, meaning you’ll have more potential allies to fight alongside and more distractions for Bodark soldiers to come up against. You’ll find that the final missions for each region are much easier if you complete as many Destabilization Missions in a region as possible before taking them on.

Finally, you’ll travel throughout Auroa if you take on each Destabilization Mission. This means that you’ll find more intel and gather the locations of several new pieces of gear hidden around the island. If you want to arm Nomad with the best weapons and technology possible, like the Optical Camo, you need to complete Destabilization Missions.