How to complete the Critical Mass mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You’ll get your steps in on this mission.


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Finding your way around the open world of Ghost Recon Breakpoint can be a bit overwhelming at times. With no shortage of side missions scattered about, it is easy to get turned around. The Critical Mass mission requires a bit of travel around so here is the fastest, easiest way to finish it.

Head to Howard Port

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You’ll want to talk to Schulz in Erewhon and he’ll tell you about the mission. He’s worried about the possibility of nuclear activity in the area and points you toward Howard Port. This is on the eastern side of the map, just southwest of the Driftwood Islets. Once you get there, you’ll want to take a look around for the Sentinel soldiers in the area. You’ll need to sneak up on one and interrogate them. They’ll soon give up the info and you’ll be off to your next objective.

Go to Camp Ferret

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This can take a bit of time to get to. Camp Ferret is located in Restricted Area 01, just northeast of Mount Elliot. Head inside the camp and follow the mission marker to the next objective, which is a shipping manifest on a table. Nearby there is a map that you need to scan to get the location of the next objective.

Enter the Underground Tunnel

The new mission objectives tell you to find the Gentleman’s Club located in the underground tunnel between Camp Ferret and Camp Weasel. It is hidden in the food stockpile. Head a bit further underground to find the tunnel, which has several vehicles you can snag to make the trip a bit faster. Hop in one of these vehicles and drive along. Keep an eye on your map: it has a dotted red line that shows the route you want to take, but it is easy to get a bit turned around. It should only take a few minutes of driving to reach the food stockpile.

Find the Gentleman’s Club

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Once you reach the food stockpile, you’ll have a handful of enemies to take out. After you finish them off, turn to the right and follow the objective marker until you find a door with a key card panel. Open it and head inside until you reach a blast door. You’ll eventually open it, but first, it needs power.

Turn left and follow the wires on the ground until you come to an electric switch. There will come a point where the path is blocked. Just turn around and keep making right-hand turns until you find the switch. Interact with it and the blast door should open.

Bury the Bomb

Inside the door will be a few enemies, some blueprints, and a bomb. Kill the enemy and investigate the blueprints, which will tell you how to disable the bomb. You need to set off a small explosion in the bunker so that the whole place collapses and buries the bomb for good. Interact with the primary explosive device in the middle of the upper platform and then run out of the room. You only have about 15 seconds to get out and close the blast doors before the whole place explodes.

Succeed and you will have ended a nuclear threat in the region and, more importantly, completed the Critical Mass side mission.