How does crafting work in Core Keeper? Core Keeper Crafting Guide

Get ready to craft your face off in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper is a survival-crafter title that sends players deep into the underground in search for unique ores and materials to progress. Of course, after gathering all of these materials, players will need to begin crafting in order to actually use the materials, and thankfully crafting is pretty straightforward in the title.

Recipes are gathered from having the prerequisite crafting stations in Core Keeper — having the Basic Workbench will unlock six tools, six crafting stations, and five base-building recipes. In order to interact with these crafting stations and objects, players should walk up and press “E” while hovering the cursor over the desired crafting station. Simply having the materials in the player inventory will allow for all possible recipes to be made.

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To find additional recipes, players will need to progress through the underground. Finding new ores will allow new crafting stations to become available, which then allows players to progress further through technology. This becomes the means of progression within Core Keeper: searching for new ores, which then turns into new crafting stations, which subsequently unlocks new tiers of technology.

Mining isn’t the only means of finding the necessary materials, however. Players will constantly stumble upon enemies and bosses which offer unique materials. These resources can then be used for bombs, armor, weaponry, and even further crafting stations as players progress. Explore, mine, and craft to explore all the various crafting stations available within Core Keeper!