How does fishing work in Rune Factory 4?

Fish are a great resource in Rune Factory 4

Fishing is a useful activity to learn how to do in Rune Factory 4. You can acquire a variety of different specimen, and you can start doing this activity relatively early on. You receive your first pole by speaking to Eliza, who has a request for you to fulfill from Vishnal. The post box also provides a cheap for you to use to start.

When you receive the cheap pole, press the L button to go into your quick-access inventory and equip it. You will find it under the farming equipment. When you have it equipped, the most accessible location to find fish is at the Selphia: Dragon Lake, which is on the west side of the town.

You want to hold the B button when you reach the edge of the water to bring the pole back and then release it to send it into the water. There are dark shadows of fish in the water, swimming around, and they should notice your hook after a little bit of time. You don’t want to pull it in immediately, though. The fish are timid, and they will poke at it several times before officially grabbing it. When they do, hit the B button again to reel it in and catch it. You will find better, higher quality fish when you obtain superior poles.

Fish are excellent for gifts, cooking, or purely selling them on the market when you need additional gold. To acquire better fishing rods you need to eat Farming Recipe Bread from Porcoline, who provides you with your first cooking table. Eventually, you should receive new fishing rod recipes to make for the future, when you have a forge