How does Street Cred work in Cyberpunk 2077?

Who knows your name?

Your name and reputation on the streets of Night City are everything in Cyberpunk 2077. The more missions and jobs you complete for everyone, your reputation grows with you, and doors start to open. It’s a passive amount that grants you benefits at certain levels.

How to get Street Cred

You primarily obtain it from completing jobs from your journal. You can open this up at any time to view various jobs or check your map to view what Night City has in store for you. Whenever you complete a mission, you’ll receive experience, money, and Street Cred.

You’ll be able to view how much Street Cred you character has by going to the character screen and viewing your stats. You’ll see all of the available bonuses you receive for each level of Street Cred you reach.

What do you do with Street Cred? All Street Cred bonuses

It’s not like a currency, but it’s a passive amount that gives you bonuses for purchasing higher quality items throughout Night City. These are all bonuses you get at each level of Street Cred.

  • Level 6: Weapon vendors have new weapons to sell you
  • Level 12: Clothing stores have new items for you to purchase
  • Level 14: Clothing stores have additional items for you to purchase
  • Level 20: Ripperdocs have new cyberwar for you you
  • Level 27: Clothing stores have more items for you to purchase
  • Level 37: Vendors have new weapon mods and attachments for you to add to your arsenal
  • Level 45: Weapon vendors have new items for you to purchase
  • Level 50: Ripperdocs will have additional cyberwar for you to purchase

While many of them are expanding your clothing options, these will be the primary way to receive upgrades and expand your arsenal in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s important to know when you receive a Street Cred upgrade and when you should check out a new store. Buying a new item is better than looting it.