How eavesdropping works in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Keep an ear open for suspicious chatter.

Image via Frogwares

Eavesdropping is a great way to get access to new investigations and gain new information about investigations you are currently involved in. It only takes a pair of people to gossip about someone else. Here’s how to investigate with the art of eavesdropping. Just don’t get caught.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Eavesdropping is quite simple to perform but hard to master. First, find a pair or group of individuals with an ear icon above them. Interact with them to listen in on what they are saying. They could be giving you clues to a case you are currently working on or clues to an entirely new case. The key is to pick out key phrases.

In the example above, the maids are talking about Lady Craven and how she is acting differently than normal. After interacting with them, phrases will appear on the screen. Pick out the phrases that make sense and focus on the topic that they are talking about.

Correct phrases will get a circle around them and incorrect phrases will get scribbled out. You have a limited time to pick out the correct phrases. If you fail, you will need to start over. You can keep phrases by moving the left stick up and discard phrases by moving the left stick down. Once you have selected enough correct phrases, you will piece together a new piece of the puzzle or start an entirely new puzzle.