How elemental fusion works in Gunfire Reborn

Mix and match.

Gunfire Reborn

Elemental fusion in Gunfire Reborn allows you to mix elements on targets, resulting in different effects. Quickly switching weapons and abilities is rewarded through elemental fusion, and the effects it will have on targets.


Mixing Burn and Decay damage will result in a powerful explosion that damages surrounding enemies.


Shock and Burn damage will cause enemies to turn on their allies and fight them instead.


By mixing Shock and Decay you inflict damage over time on enemies that is highly effective against health.

Elemental fusion is something you will need to work out on the fly. Because all weapons drop randomly during a run, you can never be sure what elements you are are going to get, but it is important to consider what each weapon provides before you pick it up. It is often more worthwhile to hold onto a lower tier weapon if it does a different elemental damage type, rather than carry two weapons of the same damage type.

You can upgrade weapons at one of the NPCs that you will meet as you explore a dungeon, so this can be a better way to upgrade your overall damage while maintaining elemental diversity in your build. You can also choose upgrades as you progress through the levels that will increase your overall elemental damage, the subsequent fusion damage that they can cause.

Both of the currently available characters also have different ways to take advantage of fusion in their kits. Crown Prince’s grenade can apply Decay to enemies, while Aoi Bai can take advance of his dual wield ability to easily apply two elemental types without the need to switch weapons.

As the game is currently in early access, you can expect to find more character being added to the game, and perhaps even more elemental types arriving in the future, so we will update this guide accordingly when new updates arrive.