How expeditions work in Outriders

What you need to know about Outriders’ post-campaign content.

How expeditions work in Outriders

Image via Square Enix

Outriders won’t launch until February 2, 2021, but Square Enix are already priming fans of its upcoming action RPG for its post campaign content. Expeditions will act as the game’s endgame experience, and they promise to be brutal ordeals that only the most skilled players and teams will be able to beat.

If you want to know everything there is to know about expeditions ahead of time, including how they work, rewards, and more, we have got you covered.

After completing Outriders’ main campaign, players will find themselves in a new camp. A new station, with a new map, will be available for players to peruse, and this is where you can run the rule over each expedition. Expeditions will take players to new areas on Enoch, and Square Enix claims that every piece of expeditions content will be brand new. That means new locations, gear, enemies, gameplay mechanics, challenges, and story beats will be available for those who want to continue their Outriders journey.

Expedition difficulties are denoted by a tier system. A tier two expedition, for instance, will be harder to beat than tier one alternatives, but the prizes on offer are better. Players can choose what tier difficulty to tackle before beginning an expedition so, if you don’t feel your build is ready for higher tiers, you can start off slowly and work your way up. Tier progression, however, will be a necessity if you want to open new locations. Once you hit tier 15, your squad will be able to enter the Eye of the Storm expedition, so it is worth beating the other 14 expeditions on offer.

Loot is given to players who complete expeditions, and better loot is handed out to those who beat expeditions within a certain time limit and on higher difficulties. So, for example, players who beat a particular expedition in under 30 minutes on a tier four expedition will earn gold tier loot, which can include Epic and Rare gear. Rewards are also handed out at the end of missions, and not dropped by enemies unlike the main game.

Loot will also be balanced with the tier difficulty you selected. Players who tackle tier five expeditions can expect to encounter enemies at level 38 and higher, and your rewards will reflect that by their rarity and level.

If you die during an expedition, you are given a certain amount of retries. If those run out, you will fail the mission. Not completing expeditions won’t leave you empty handed, though, as there is the chance for you to earn some loot for your efforts. They won’t be high tier weapons and gear, but it is better than nothing.