How Final Fantasy XVI’s Story is Different From Past Games

Final Fantasy XVI’s story will be different than previous entries seen throughout the series.

Image via Square Enix

Every Final Fantasy game in the series is different from the others. The entries feature unique characters, worlds, and iconic stories that are standalone adventures, although they are embedded in similar magic rules. Final Fantasy XVI will be unique to previous entries in how the story evolves as you play it.

During the PlayStation State of Play for Final Fantasy XVI, the team touched on these unique elements, giving us a small taste of the story’s details. Here’s what you need to know about how the Final Fantasy XVI story is different from previous Final Fantasy games.

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What makes Final Fantasy XIV’s story different from other Final Fantasy games?

The story of Final Fantasy XVI follows the perspective of Clive and the world of Valisthea. Clive is a Shield of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, one of the five major kingdoms featured in this world, and he will be the only character players can play during the game and directly control.

The story of Clive takes place over three distinct periods of this character’s life. This will happen during his teens, twenties, and thirties. Each time period will feature major milestones of the character, and as players progress, he gradually ages, with his appearance slightly changing to match his age.

Although it makes sense to start the game with Clive in his teens, the tale of Final Fantasy XVI begins with him in his twenties. Players will partake in fully playable flashback sequences of the game where Clive is in his early youth, which feature pivotal events during his Clive.

This significantly differs from other Final Fantasy games, where players can watch flashback sequences.

From what we can tell, these flashback sequences occur at distinct times in the story and are not always accessible. We imagine key moments when completing main story quests will trigger these events, and they may happen when we see Clive in his thirties, or there will be a crucial moment where we dive into this section of the story, likely closer to the conclusion.