How to find Meteorite Shard and Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact – Unknown Stars

Genshin Impact

The Unknown Stars event is underway, and during it you will need to farm as many Meteorite Shards as you can. Finding them will give you some Fading Star’s Might which can then be used to purchase items in the event shop.

You can also finish smaller missions that require you to collect Meteorite Shards in different areas of the map through the Events Menu. To do so, open your Events Menu and then click on Unreconciled Stars. This is the overall event name, with Unknown Stars being the first part of it.

On the next screen, click on the Unknown Star graphic. On the Unknwn Star – Overture page click one of the available missions. This will open you map, and an area of it will flash blue, as shown on the image below. If you pick up Meteorite Shards in this area it will count towards the progress you need to make for this sub-quest, which is normally seven shards. All you need to do is grab 7 Meteorite Shards in these area to get 30 Primogems and 20000 Mora.

How to find Meteorite Shards

Meteorite Shards are actually quite easy to find, and are spread out all over the map. As you play through the game you will notice some small blue circles on your minimap. They will not be marked on the main map. Explore the area within that circle and look for a blue, slightly shiny crytal. This is the Meteorite Shard.

When you get close to one, your Vision will start to glow, and emit a low humming sound. This is useful as the Meteorite Shards can show up in awkward places, like on roofs, or cliff faces. Just walk up to it and interact with it to pick it up. Each one is worth one Fading Star’s Might, which can be used in the event shop to buy items and rewards.