How fishing works in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

What did you catch today?

Image via Airship Syndicate

If you ever find yourself approaching a fishing spot in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, you’ll want to take a break from your adventure and try your hand at catching some fish. You’ll need to grab a fishing rod and some bait before you can do this. In this guide, we’re going to detail how fishing works and what you need to do to add more entries to your fishing journal in Ruined King.

After you’ve arrived at a fishing spot with a rod and some bait equipped, you can approach the dock of the fishing location and cast out your line. The meter at the top of the screen determines the strength of your cast and how far out it’s going to go. You don’t always want to use the maximum cast length. Instead, you want to go where the dark fish outlines are in the water.

When it lands, you’ll have to wait for fish to approach your bobber. You’ll then see dark fish outlines in the water move towards it, and when they come to your bobber, they’ll bite down, and you can reel them to you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When a fish bites, you’ll need to begin reeling it towards you. You’ll need to hold down the E key on your keyboard or hold down the interact button on your controller. When reeling the fish to you, make sure to adjust the angle to be the opposite of the fish to make it easier to bring them to you. Then, you’ll be able to see the opposite direction directly behind the fish.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There will also be a green and red meter half-circle in front of the fish while you’re fighting it. The green meter is the fish’s stamina, and the red is your line’s strength. When the green meter goes down, catching the fish and bringing it towards you is much easier. As the red circle begins to disappear, you have a higher chance of losing the fish.

You’ll want to explore each area you visit to see if you can find unique fishing spots. You can visit the Fishmonger in Bilgewater to purchase better and higher quality fishing gear and turn in all of your caught fish for Black Marks.