How flanking works in Disciples: Liberation

Flank the enemy.

Image via Kalypso Media

The tactical combat in Disciples: Liberation can be brutal if you don’t use your characters wisely and rush straight into a fight. A good tactic you’ll want to use often is flanking. The flanking feature allows you to do increased damage against a specific target, but you’ll need to structure your team so they’re placed in a particular layout in combat. This guide will discuss how flanking works in Disciples: Liberation and the benefits of using it often.

A flanking maneuver can only occur in Disciples: Liberation when two of your characters are on opposite sides of an enemy unit. The enemy will need to be right in the middle of your characters, forming a direct line, and they cannot be at an angle. If no direct line is made between all three characters, you don’t receive a flanking bonus. You should see a small notification of ‘flanking’ appearing above your characters when they receive this bonus in combat.

Screenshot by Gamepur

All enemies can also receive this bonus in combat too. When they surround one of your units and form a direct line, the ‘flanking’ bonus appears above their heads.

When a flanking bonus happens in combat, this grants the units a bonus to their output. You’ll want to lure enemies to your side of the board and entrap them by surrounding them with your units during combat. The more units you have with flanking bonuses, the more damage you can do.