How Fleet Battles work in Star Wars: Squadrons

It’s a trap!

How Fleet Battles work in Star Wars: Squadrons

Image via Electronic Arts

Fleet Battles are Star Wars: Squadrons’ most intense firefights. These multi-stage, tug-of-war battles are the biggest tests for the game’s best pilots. If you think that’s you, you will need to know more about them before you partake in one.

At the start of every Fleet Battle, you are tasked with engaging with enemy Starfighters in dogfight sequences. You should be used to these from the Dogfight matches you have been playing previously. If you are victorious in this skirmish, your Morale meter will improve.

Morale is the currency that Fleet Battles uses to give each side the upper hand. You can increase your Morale meter by defeating enemy players, destroying AI Starfighters, eliminating opposing Corvettes or Raiders, and destroying enemy Frigates or Cruisers. Be aware that Morale can swing either way, so even if you win the first stage of a Fleet Battle, the enemy can knock you back to square one if theirs improves.

If you gain enough Morale from dogfights, you can move on and start attacking your enemy’s capital ships. To destroy these, you need to take down their shields and damage their hulls. Use ion canons to remove shields from Corvettes, Raiders, Cruisers, and Nebulon B ships, and then utilize bomber Starfighters to damage and destroy them.

The final stage tasks you with destroying the opponent’s flagship. MC75s and Star Destroyers have regenerating shields, plenty of anti-aircraft turrets, and subsystems that keep it online. Assaults on these starships are multi-faceted, and working together as a squad is the only way you can take them down. Pair up Starfighter classes, such as interceptors and bombers, to take out turrets and shields in one attack run, and then fighters with support class ships to damage their hulls while keeping your fighters’ shields topped up.

You will be victorious if you destroy the enemy’s flagship. Again, though, ensure that you keep your Morale meter high enough to move into the next stage. If your opponent’s Morale climbs higher than yours, then they can attack your capital ships and flagship. If that happens, you will have to defend them until your Morale is boosted enough for you to re-engage your opponent’s cruisers.