How to increase your maximum Health and Stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Better train hard.

Like all good RPGs, Immortals Fenyx Rising offers ways to increase your health and stamina, making fights a little easier to survive as the game gets more and more difficult.

To upgrade your health and stamina, you will need to make it as far as the Hall of the Gods, as this is where you will find the items you need to do it.


Kylix of Athena

To increase your health, you need to use the Kylix of Athena, a golden cup that can be used to process Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a resource that you can find tucked away in different locations as you play through the game. It looks like a multi-facet, rainbow-colored crystal. You can collect them by interacting with them, then bring them to the Hall of the Gods. The first health upgrade costs 6 Ambrosia and will give you one extra health chunk. Each subsequent upgrade will cost a little more for one chunk.


Bench of Zeus

To upgrade your Stamina, you will need to use the Bench of Zeus, which looks like an old weightlifting bench someone’s rich Granddad used. For this, you will need Zeus’ Lighting, which can be earned by completing Vaults of Tartaros, the red miniature volcano types things you can find all around the map. Each upgrade will give you one extra chunk of Stamina.

A great way to find both resources is to use your farsight. To use farsight, push down on the right thumbstick for a second or two. Then, scan the surrounding area. When your controller starts to vibrate, and you here a low humming, you will be close to finding something. Scan the nearby area with the reticle, and you will zone in on a hidden secret. Hit the prompted button to reveal them. They will then be marked on the map, with different symbols for Ambrosia and the Vaults, depending on what you find.