How leveling works in Icarus

Survival of the fittest.

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Leveling up your character is an essential part of any survival game, including Icarus. As soon as you are dropped onto the planet, you must gain experience to learn new crafting recipes that are necessary for your survival. Leveling up in Icarus is permanent and you keep any levels you accrue when you die. Here is your guide to leveling up in Icarus.

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Like other games, leveling up in Icarus requires experience that you generate through performing various activities. From the start, you need to craft tools, weapons, and armor to survive. The following actions will grant you experience as you play.

  • Crafting items
  • Killing animals
  • Chopping down trees
  • Mining minerals
  • Picking up items off the ground
  • Skinning animals

Some of these actions grant more experience than others and leveling up quickly is not easy, especially when you reach higher levels. For example, chopping down a tree will grant you 300 experience while gathering resources off the ground will only grant you 25 experience.

You also gain more experience while playing in a group. While a teammate is nearby, you will gain 10% shared experience from any task they perform. For example, if a nearby teammate chops down a tree for 300 experience, you will gain 30 experience as a result.

How to level quickly

Leveling up quickly is important in any survival game so you can gain the necessary tools to survive the greater threats that await you later on. While gaining experience, it is important to have a teammate nearby at all times to benefit from the shared experience. If a teammate isn’t available, you can still level up quickly.

Take advantage of the experience of chopping down trees early on, since the experience gained from this is high, you can easily gain around 400 – 600 experience per tree. When you gain a new level, start by putting your tech points into crafting items that will help you gather resources quickly.

Other activities that grant a high amount of experience that you can perform early on are killing deer and fish. Killing a deer will get you at least 500 experience if it is medium-sized or 600 if it is large. Killing a fish will get you 100 experience. While it is important to gather stone, this action doesn’t get you the same amount of experience as other actions. Gathering stone will get you roughly 30 experience each time you break a chuck of a rock. Keep on the lookout for wolves since killing these creatures will get you roughly 1,500 experience. Unlike other games, in Icarus, wolves typically hunt alone and can easily be killed with an axe.