How long does Forspoken take to beat? Answered

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Forspoken is an open-world RPG published by Square-Enix, and it’s packed with over a dozen chapters and a massive open world called Athia to explore. The early portions of Forspoken are quite linear, with extensive tutorials and small bursts of open-world action. After completing the initial chapters, the world of Athia opens up, and you’ll have tons of things to see and do across each region. A world this big can lengthen a game quite a bit, so this guide will break down how long Forspoken takes to beat.

How long will it take to beat Forspoken?

Our playtime of Forspoken clocked in around 42 hours from start to finish. This length will, of course, vary based on difficulty options and how much time you want to spend exploring every inch of Athia and uncovering its vast array of secrets. Forspoken contains a treasure trove of things to do in its open world. Activities such as castle forts, combat challenges, and treasure hunting are just a small sample of activities you can spend time pursuing. You can adjust the difficulty whenever you want, and the difference between easy and hard is substantial. We played it on the standard default settings for our 40-hour run of the campaign. You can add or detract time from this mark based on how easily or hard you adjust the game’s difficulty.

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Players who wish to complete Forspoken’s main story and pursue a large number of sidequests and open-world activities can quickly expect to hit the 70 to 80-hour range to complete the game fully. You can, of course, lengthen or shorten this time based on how much of the open world you want to explore or ignore. Athia is a big world, so doing everything will take considerable time.

Forspoken doesn’t require much grind to mainline the story, so that you can focus purely on the quests and experience Frey’s journey and all of its content with relative ease.