How long does it take to beat As Dusk Falls? Answered

How long is one playthrough of As Dusk Falls?

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As Dusk Falls is a story branching game with a lot of outcomes. You can’t skip any scenes while playing, which means you will have to watch everything and participate in every event. A single playthrough will not be enough to view every event, but you will be able to get a complete story. The length won’t be too different even if you are experiencing the title with other players.

As Dusk Falls approximate game length

The average length of a single playthrough will be six to eight hours, depending on your choices and the paths you choose to take. Not every story path will be the same length, and some of your options can even conclude a path prematurely.

The time will assume you are taking a reasonable length when choosing options (you can take up to 20 seconds to make a decision), you aren’t stalling for time when making a major decision, and you are reasonably participating in the quick time events. This is also not factoring in any redos, i.e. if you go back to the chapter tree to make another decision; this assumes a full playthrough where you stick with your choices and experience the story for better or for worse.

If you start the game early in the morning or at the start of the afternoon, you will be able to finish the game around evening or nighttime. As Dusk Falls is a solid game to play when you want a good episodic game, especially one that won’t take up your entire day.

What choices will you be making in As Dusk Falls?

As Dusk Falls is a crime drama, and you will begin the game making decisions from the viewpoint of the hostages. You will be doing your best to understand what is going on, whether you want to negotiate with the criminals, and how you are going to get out. This can involve cooperating with the police, trying to befriend the criminals, or finding a solution on your own.

The game will then shift to the viewpoint of a participant in the main crime. You have to decide how important your family is, if you are going to build relationships outside of your family, and whether you are able to escape the grasp of the police. You will also have to decide whether you want to succeed in some quick time events, or if you want to find alternative methods to your problems when you fail.

These choices will make you think with every chapter, and will result in some discussion if you are playing with friends. Fostering discussion about how the characters are handling events and the choices they make are part of the process, and do factor in to the game length.