How many Merlin Trials are there in total in Hogwarts Legacy?

Merlin must have had a lot of free time.

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When you are traveling around the countryside in Hogwarts Legacy, you will see no shortage of Merlin Trials. These small puzzles are spread out all over the place outside of the school and are your way of unlocking additional slots to hold more gear in your inventory. If you are going for 100% completion, how many Merlin Trials are there to find?

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How many Merlin Trials does Hogwarts Legacy have?

There are a total of 95 Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. Outside of the initial Merlin Trial shown to you early in the game during a main quest, you do not need to complete any of these side puzzles to beat the game. However, if you are looking for 100% completion, you will have to find all of the leave icons on the map and complete them. Luckily, finding them is pretty easy since they stick out on the map, but you will need to at least fly by their location for them to appear.

The more Merlin Trials you complete, the more gear items you can have in your inventory. Obviously, this isn’t necessarily highly needed since you only need one of each gear piece to wear, and with no durability issues, you don’t really have any issues with losing them. That being said, if you like to stock up on gear before you go sell them to a vendor for gold, it can be nice to have a big pile before going out of your way to find a nearby store or fast traveling to Hogsmeade.

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While there are nearly 100 Merlin Trials, a lot of them have the same idea. Some will require you to blow up stones, flip blocks, and roll orbs into the right spot. Most of the time, you just need to have the right spell and you can complete them pretty quickly. A few can prove to be a little tricky compared to others, though.