How Many Campaign Missions Are in Halo: Reach?


Halo: Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection features the throwback to when players first met other Spartans beyond Master Chief with different colors of armor and other identifying marks. The story happens before the events of the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. The story was a crucial part of the series, and you may recognize several of them when jumping back in, despite it being nearly a decade since the game first released.

There are 10 campaign missions in the game, and you can choose to play through the campaign on several difficulties. The difficulties come with a score modify, providing you a ranking for how tough you made the mission. The difficulties are:

  • Easy with a 0.25 score multiplier
  • Normal with a 1.00 score multiplier
  • Heroic with a 2.00 score multiplier
  • Legendary with a 4.00 score multiplier

You can turn skulls on the mission to provide even more variety for you and your friends to try for the highest score possible. The 10 missions happen in this order:

  • Winter Contingency
  • Oni: Sword Base
  • Nightfall
  • Tip of the Spear
  • Long Night of Solace
  • Exodus
  • New Alexandria
  • The Package
  • The Pillar of Autumn
  • Lone Wolf

There two additional missions listed in the line-up, Noble Actual and Epilogue. Both of them serve as cinematics for the game, so you don’t need to worry about them to complete for gameplay purposes. If you and your friends are working your way through the game, you should encounter this and enjoy the story of Halo: Reach.

Make sure to check out the multiplayer in Halo: Reach to start working your way through the first season of the game, earn Season points, and start customizing your armor to stand out from the other players.