How many new weapons are in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen?

Bullets and blades.

Image via Bungie

While Destiny 2 is known for many different things, weapons continue to be at the forefront of what makes Destiny a fantastic experience. Whether you want to slowly and methodically take out enemies from afar or run in guns blazing, The Witch Queen expansion is here for you. In this guide, we will be going over all of the new weapons introduced in The Witch Queen expansion and what is coming in the near future.

How many weapons?

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has doubled down on the amount of newly introduced weapons. As of now, there are a total of 47 weapons for you to find and use, including exotic weapons, the new Glaive weapon archetype, and some returning fan favorites. This is a major upgrade when compared to the previous expansion Beyond Light, which launched with a total of 31 legendary and exotic weapons. This doesn’t include the raid weapons, as we currently don’t know how many weapons will reside within the raid.

Weapon counts

Players can expect various options when it comes to their favorite weapon archetype. Here is how many new weapons of each type players can hunt for:

  • 7 Exotic weapons
  • 5 Auto Rifles
  • 2 Combat Bows
  • 3 Pulse Rifles
  • 4 Scout Rifles
  • 3 Shotguns
  • 2 Sidearms
  • 5 Sniper Rifles
  • 3 Submachine Guns
  • 2 Fusion Rifles
  • 1 Glaive
  • 3 Grenade Launchers
  • 3 Hand Cannons
  • 1 Machine Gun
  • 2 Rocket Launchers
  • 1 Sword