How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Take? Download Size For All Platforms

Genshin Impact, the every growing game, will need every growing storage to contain it.

Genshin Impact Storage space

Image via Gamepur

Genshin Impact is an ever-growing game with new maps to explore and characters to fall in love with. And with this growth comes higher demands on storage space.

Originally, the game only required 8GB on Android and IOS, 30GB for the PC, and 30GB for PS4. However, more content has been added to the game, with four new areas to venture into and another one on the way.

How Much Space Does Genshin Impact Need

Genshin Impact PC storage
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Genshin Impact will need the following GB for each available platform.

  • PC: 80.5 GB
  • PS4 & PS5: 93.55 GB
  • Android & IOS: 30 GB

I have noticed when downloading Genshin Impact that the game needs a minimum of the GB mentioned above. However, it will require a bit of a free space buffer before downloading, with at least 100 GB of free space on the PC available before installation.

How to Free Space for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact android storage
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The best solution for having enough GB for Genshin Impact is adding extra free space. For PC and PS4/PS5, players can use an external storage device. In contrast, the PS5 may be a bit more tricky since it will not play PS5 games from the extended storage, only PS4 games. For Android and IOS, players can get an SD card to install into the phone or tablet. This will allow for future expansions to the game.

Another alternative is to start clearing the space. It may be time to clear out those old, unused apps, and installing Genshin Impact is the perfect time. The problem here is ensuring that there will be enough space once everything is cleared. I tried downloading Genshin Impact on an older computer of mine, and while it didn’t have a huge amount of space to begin with, clearing almost everything off, it still didn’t allow the space needed to download this giant game. Future updates are also coming, which will only make the game bigger.