How Orientation Matches work in Apex Legends

Apex finally lets beginners play at their own pace.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has undoubtedly changed a lot over the course of the past few seasons, adding Team Deathmatch, a new Battle Royale map, and a restructured Legend class system. Because of this, the game’s developer is making it easier for incoming players enticed by these features to learn the ropes of the Apex Games. Now, upon booting up the free-to-play title, rookie Legends will first be required to take on Orientation Matches before heading into public or Ranked matches. Here’s what Orientation Matches are and how to complete them in Apex Legends.

How to complete Orientation Matches in Apex Legends

Orientation Matches are bot lobbies that all new Apex Legends players will need to play to access the rest of its modes. Each match consists of 20 different trios, and they are only held on the King’s Canyon map — despite it not being in the game’s current map rotation. Additionally, although you won’t be fighting against other actual players, you will still be able to invite any friends into your squad, no matter their level.

Similar to traditional battle royale matches, Orientation Matches also carry a loot pool of weapons to find on the map and a damaging Ring that shrinks periodically. More importantly, in order to complete or “graduate” from your Orientation training, you must either come in first place once or place in the top five three times. Once that is done, everything from Team Deathmatch to Ranked battle royale modes will be fully available.

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Aside from these modes, you will also be able to play the upcoming Mixtape playlist upon its launch date, which will feature a set of three different LTMs. In the meantime, it is worth completing the Welcome Challenges in your Orientation Matches. By partaking in these, you can earn additional XP toward your overall level and net your very first badge: the Apex 101 badge.