How to respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Here’s how to make a change.

Playing through Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will have the chance to upgrade your weapons. Various stats can be improved, from attack damage, defense, critical strike rate, and more. Maybe you want some more health points or a little bit more mana. You might make a change and decide that something else could have been improved, or want to try a different build.

Fortunately, there is a way to respec your character. To do this, you will need to find a character named Chadley. Chadley will hang out in the slums of Sector 5 and Sector 7. This young NPC has white hair, a white shirt, black shorts, and the most ridiculous sock garters we have ever seen.

Chadley will allow you to respec your weapon upgrades, but it will cost you some Gil to do so. You can also only reset the weapon upgrades, nothing else.

Chadley will also show up in other areas, so keep an eye open for him as you play through the game. He provides you with some really important services during the game, and you can complete various missions for him to get different Materia in the game. Make sure you complete the tasks that Chadley sets for you, as you can get some very powerful abilities by doing so.

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