How to do Scan Patrols in Destiny 2 – Knowledge is Power Bounty

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Destiny 2

A new bounty that was introduced to Destiny 2 for the Guardian Games is the Knowledge is Power bounty. This bounty will ask you to do two Scan Patrols in any of the game’s playable areas. You will need to do two of them to complete the bounty, but they do not take very long to complete.

The first thing you need to do is find a patrol beacon in one of the game’s areas with a symbol on it that looks like a ghost. Interact with it to start the Scan Patrol. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, you will see it is referred to as an Analysis Patrol. This happens sometimes in Destiny 2, which is why people might find this bounty a little confusing.

Scan Patrol

Now, a waypoint will appear on the screen in the compass at the top left, and you will need to follow it. It can end up being quite far away, so just keep following the waypoint. The scan targets are normally a bit off the beaten track.

Scan Target

When you arrive at the target, there will normally be some enemies close by, so you can just take them out, then run up to the target. A prompt will appear and when you press that button your Ghost will begin to scan the target. It is normally a strange object or piece of terrain.

All you need to do is let your Ghost scan it, and the patrol will be complete. Once you are done and have completed two Scan Patrols, you can hand in the bounty from the Quests tab in your Director.