How Scorch works in Destiny 2

Prepare for a fire.

Image via Bungie

Scorch is a type of damage you can inflict on enemies in Destiny 2. You can do it whenever you use your character’s abilities from their Solar subclass. How Scorch works can be a bit hazy, and several Bounties may require you to do this type of damage to any enemy or use it as a final hit against them. Here’s what you need to know about how Scorch works in Destiny 2.

What is Scorch damage?

Scorch is a damage over time (DoT) effect that you can use against an enemy. It typically occurs whenever you use one of your Guardian’s class abilities against an enemy, namely your ranged melee or grenade special. When you hit an enemy with these effects, they likely begin to burn, called Scorch damage. It was introduced during Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted for the Solar 3.0 update. All Guardian Solar classes were given this update, adding the Scorch and Ignite keywords.

While an enemy is Scorched, they will take damage throughout a battle until it goes away. If they receive too many Scorch ticks during a fight, they will Ignite. When this happens, the enemy briefly releases an exploding effect, hitting other nearby enemies with fire, giving them a Scorching effect, and the enemy who Ignites takes a significant amount of damage simultaneously. Some Guardian abilities will Ignite an enemy while they have Scorching damage, but it varies. You can add more Scorch stacks to an enemy during a battle, depending on the Fragments you’ve activated on your character.

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You can review your selected Solar abilities in the Solar Subclass menu when viewing your Guardian’s inventory. We recommend making sure the fragments, grenade abilities, and aspects line up to provide you with an adequate build to complement each other, especially if you plan to focus on stacking Scorch against enemies.