How to skip cutscenes and dialogue in Gears Tactics

If you just hate stories.

Gears Tactics

Image via The Coalition

Gear Tactics, the interesting mashup between the Gears world and XCOM style gameplay, has plenty of dialogue and cutscenes. The game plays out over a set campaign, unlike similar titles that can take a more random approach to things. In Gears, you meet certain characters, witness certain events, and follow a particular storyline, playing your tactical battles over reconstructed levels as you try to get your squad through some hellish situation in one piece.

You will be controlling a squad of skilled soldiers, leading them into tactical battles against Locust enemies as you seek to get through each mission and progress the storyline.

If you are just here for the tactical action and not for the story, you might be wondering if you can skip dialogue and cutscenes, and the answer is yes, you can. All you need to do is double-tap the Esc button, and you can skip any non-essential cutscenes or dialogue in the game.

Some cutscenes are unskippable, however, as they deliver important information that you will need to know to finish the game or choose the correct action in battle. Any cutscenes that introduce a new unit or enemy ability can’t be skipped, as they deliver important information to help you make the right choices during fights. There are also a couple of cutscenes that seem to be considered essential from a story point of view, so you won’t be able to skip them either, although they are rare.

For the most part, all you need to do is double-tap Esc, and if you can’t skip the cutscene or dialogue, then you might as well enjoy it.