How to solve the bird statue puzzle in Minlin – Genshin Impact Overlooking View Achievement

Going up.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is stacked full of achievements, and some of them will only reveal themselves as you explore parts of the map. If you have been making your way through the very mountainous region of Quigyun, you may have come across a strange little monolith there, or perhaps a statue of a crane.

These are actually related to an achievement in the game, a pretty cool hidden area, and lots of loot. You can find the location sof all the crane statues on the map below, and you will need to visit each one and interact with it. Doing so will cause it to turn a little, so keep turning it until it faces the mountain with the little monolith on it, marked on the map by the player icon.

Qingyun Map

As soon as you get it facing the right way, you will see a small cutscene, and a line of energy will extend from the statue to the monolith. When you get all three, return to the monolith and interact with it to cause a large swirl of wind.

Pop out your Glider and ride the wind to the top, then look around for some stone platforms. Run across them then repeat the process until you get to a floating island at the top. Up here you will find a Geoculus, three chests, two of which are luxurious, and a little bit of lore.

It’s a fun little challenge, and well worth completing consider the sheer amount of loot you can get from it. It will also be a required completion if you want to get all the Geoculus in the region.