How to start Takedown at the Guardian Breach in Borderlands 3

Get ready for some action.

Borderlands 3

The Takedown at the Guardian Breach has been added to Borderlands 3, giving us a new endgame challenge to take on. Gearbox is touting the enemies we will face during the Guardian Breach as being much tougher than anything we have encountered before, so be sure to bring your strongest builds and best weapons with you.

Med Bay

To start the new Takedown, you will first need to download the update, but this should happen automatically when you load up your launcher. When it is done, log in and head for Tannis in the infirmary. This can be found upstairs on The Sanctuary III. She will contact you on your Echo to let you know she wants you. When you enter the infirmary you will see a glowing blue crystal on the shelf across the room. Go and interact with it, then hit accept.

To start the Takedown at Guardian Breach, you will need to head for Minos Prime, so go to the front of the ship where the navigation console is, and choose Minos Prime from the menu. When you get there, Tannis will tell you to use a drop pod to make your way to the surface and that will begins the event.

Be careful, however, as a sect of rogue Guardians have taken over the planet, and they will not look kindly upon you showing up. The good news is that the difficulty will scale to your party size, so if you are a solo player you can still jump in and enjoy the new content. You will also need to have finished the story, so any newer players out there that are still working through the main storyline will need to wrap that up before they can take part.