How the complete the Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV Online – Week of September 17, 2021

What do you need to be wearing this week?

Image via Square Enix

Each week, Final Fantasy XIV players make their way over to The Gold Saucer, where they can submit their current outfit to the Marked Rose. The weekly Fashion Report releases hints every Tuesday, so you’ll have a few days to share those as often. This information is typically shared with other community members based on their results.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fashion Report for September 14 and what items you want to present. You have until September 20 to make sure these are submitted to receive your MGP. This information is posted and shared by community member Kaiyoko on Reddit.

  • Headpiece: Moon Unit
    • Genta/Genja Eboshi of Healing, Striking, or Casting
    • Kabuto of the Blue
    • Recommended Dye: Gunmetal Black
  • Chestpiece: Cooking up a storm
    • Artisan’s Apron
    • Augmented Galleykeep’s Whites
    • Augmented Galleyking’s Apron
    • Culinarian’s Apron
    • Linen Smock
    • Stained Chef’s Apron
    • Valentione Apron
    • Recommended Dye: Russet Brown
  • Leggings: Long skirt
    • Asuran Hakama of Casting or Healing
    • Plain Long Skirt
    • Spring Skirt
    • Recommended Dye: Russet Brown
  • Boots: Cute as a Button
    • Artisan’s Sandals
    • Bridesmaid’s Sandals
    • Meandering Mog Slippers
    • Recommended Dye: Canary Yellow

You’ll be able to bank some easy points in the russet brown dye on your chest and legging slots. You can earn the highest points by having all of the non-essential spaces filled with other choices that complement your outfit. While those are not as important, having those filled are essential.