How the Olympus Preview Limited-Time Mode works in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

It’s time to take the scenic route.

Olympus Autumn Estates

Let’s cut to the chase: Olympus in Apex Legends is beautiful and exciting, and if you’re playing in it, you’ll want to see everything. But let’s be honest — sometimes the game itself can get in the way of honest exploration. No more. The new Limited-Time Mode, Olympus Preview, will put the weapons on the shelf and let you and 29 other players explore the map.

This LTM is selectable from the lobby and lasts two weeks from November 4 with Season 7: Ascension’s launch until November 18, similar to the general timeframe other LTMs.

How Preview Mode works

Unlike in all other modes currently in the game, Preview Mode will only take 30 players, which is vastly different than the usual 60. You won’t be able to shoot each other during this time. It will be like anything that could harm you, like a punch, would just be seen like friendly fire.

The ring will still close in each round, so it’s not quite a free reign; but since it will go through all the actual ring rotations, you will have a good chance of eventually being able to explore everywhere.

Hot Spots to check out

  • Orbital Cannon – This hot location on the edge of the floating city will be highly coveted by players who will want to be there to get their hands on a Trident, as it holds three different spawn locations.
  • Bonzai Plaza – This is the home of Loba’s trauma, where Revenant killed her parents, and ironically the thing she loves: high-tier loot — especially in Reverie Lounge itself. It will be one of the hottest drops on the map.
  • The Rift – Teleport back and forth through a portal reminiscent of, yet distinct from, Kings Canyon’s Singh Labs entrance, to its multiple major locations.
  • Autumn Estates – Within the center buildings is where you’ll want to be, but take preview mode for granted, as in a match, this place is complete and utter chaos.

Overall, whether you are here to scope out the best locations, study the ring, or just take in the sights and have fun, Preview Mode will be perfect for players of any skill-level.