How the Pity system works in Genshin Impact – What is Pity and Soft Pity

Take pity on me.

Image via miHoYo

If you have ever wanted a game to take pity on your terrible luck, then Genshin Impact has you covered. The free-to-play game contains a gacha system that gives you new characters, weapons, and other goodies. Rather than have you smack your head off a brick wall getting endless low rolls, the game will realize when you are having some poor luck and swing the odds in your favor.

The overall view is that every 90 wishes will result in a guaranteed 5 Star, and every 10 wishes will guarantee a 4 Star. Once you hit that guaranteed mark, however, the Pity System will start the countdown again.

These normally have the following drop rates:

  • 5-Star Character or Weapon – 0.6%
  • 4 Star Character or Weapon – 5.1%
  • 3 Star Weapon – 94.3%

When you factor in the pity system, it changes to the following:

  • 5-Star Character or Weapon – 1.6%
  • 4 Star Character or Weapon – 13%
  • 3 Star Weapon – 85.4%

So, not a dramatic improvement when it comes to 5 Stars, but a big step up when it comes to 4 Stars. The most important thing to remember here is that if you feel a game has an unfair system in place, the important thing to do is to actually stop playing the game. There are thousands of games out there vying for your attention, after all.

What is Soft Pity?

With Pity kicking in at 90 Wishes, Soft Pity will kick in at 74 Wishes on character banners and 64 Wishes on Weapon Banners. The odds of a five star will increase dramatically after this point, but are not guaranteed like it will be at 90 Wishes.