How the Timeline works in Destiny 2

Refresh your memory.

Image via Bungie

There have been numerous expansions and seasons since the start of Destiny 2. A lot has changed since the game was initially released in 2017, and those who feel a bit overwhelmed with what’s happened throughout the franchise can feel pretty lost whenever a character or enemy is talked about. Developers Bungie wants to make it easier for players to figure out where they are in Destiny 2 and when things happened with a new feature called the Timeline.

The Timeline shows all of the big plot stories in Destiny 2, what expansions happened after them, what season happened during those expansions, and where Destiny 2 is headed. There are 15 seasons in Destiny 2 and three expansions, with the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, set to release on February 22, 2022, which you can choose to pre-order from this menu.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Not only does the Timeline show when these events happened, but they also offer a brief synopsis of what happened during each of them. For example, if you weren’t around for Season of the Splicer, you can hover over it in the Beyond Light expansion tree and read about how a Vex simulation plunged the Last City into Darkness, requiring help from key members of the Eliksni Vanguard.

You can read about each of these plot points if you’re brand new to catch yourself up or refresh your memory about key events in Destiny 2. You can access the Timeline menu by activating your Destinations and going to the ‘Timeline’ icon on the upper right of your screen.