How to access cross-saves in Cyberpunk 2077

No need to start over with cross-save.

Image via CD Projekt

CD Projekt Red is rolling out Cyberpunk 2077 with the feature that will save players a lot of time — cross-saves. Cross-saving is the ability to transfer your game data from one generation of console to the next. This form of cross-save is restricted by console brand. PlayStation 4 saves can only be transferred to the PlayStation 5, while Xbox One saves will only be moved to the Xbox Series X and S.

How to use cross-save on Xbox

Through the use of Smart Delivery, Microsoft’s feature that allows you to buy a game and access the best version of it on whichever console you own, your save should be automatically accessible when you login to your Xbox profile on the new console. As long as you were connected to the internet when you last saved your game on the previous console, you should be able to download your save from the Xbox cloud.

How to use cross-save on PlayStation

Sony offers multiple ways for you to transfer your data to the next generation. 

  • Use backwards compatibility to upload your saves to your PlayStation Plus account
  • Transfer the saves between consoles with a LAN cable or WiFi connection
  • Use a storage device to manually transfer the saves to the PSN account on the PlayStation 5