How to access your garage menu and change vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077

Road worthy.

Image via CD Projekt

In Cyberpunk 2077, you will be able to get your hands on plenty of different vehicles, but there seems to be some confusion about how you can switch between them. This is all done in menus, as there is no physical garage for you to visit in the the game.

You will start the game with a car, and will have the option to get your hands on Jackie’s motorcyle pretty early, but you should be advised that the linked guide comes with a spoiler warning. If you want to change between the two, or any other video that you come across while playing the game, you will need to hold the button that you normally use to call your vehicle. This will be the V button on PC, and right on the D-Pad on console.

This will open up a new menu, listing all your available vehicles. Select the one you want to use and hit confirm, then you will summon it the next time you hit the call vehicle button.

How to get more Vehicles

Nearly every Fixer in the game will contact you at some point with vehicles that they want to sell. These will be in the form of messages on your phone, giving you the general details on the car or motorbike in question.

You can also get some vehicles as part of quests, like the Mackinaw Beast which you can get from completing the Beast In Me quest. Even though you can steal cars if you get the rights perks and abilities, you cannot add these cars to your collection.