How to add cross platform friends in Back 4 Blood

You will need friends.

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Image via Turtle Rock Studios

While crossplay is becoming a must-have in many online multiplayer games, not every game handles it the same way. We are still in the early days of developers working this feature into their titles, so we can give them a pass for now. If you have been playing Back 4 Blood and are not sure how to get in contact with your friends, here is a guide to point you in the right direction.

When you first start Back 4 Blood, you will have a number assigned to your Gamertag. Don’t worry about memorizing it; you can find it later. To find it, open up the menu while in Fort Hope and then the social menu in the top right of the screen by pressing Y or Triangle on Xbox or PlayStation. At the top of the screen, you will see the number designated to you next to Add Friends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Click Add Friends, and you will be given a search field. Enter the entire username with the numbers included to search for your friend. If you are the one that is being searched, open up Friend Requests to the side of Add Friends and accept it. You can now invite them to your party or accept invites via the social menu.