How to add friends in Cookie Run Kingdom

You got a friend in me.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

Like any other game, having friends in Cookie Run Kingdom can only benefit you. Although the benefit of having friends isn’t big, they’re a nice little way to get small rewards.

How to add friends

  • Hit the icon that looks like three people. It’ll be located right next to your crystal amount at the top of the screen.
  • Hit the friend tab
  • Here, you’ll find your list of friends. If you want to add someone, hit the add button at the bottom of the screen. A list of random players will be displayed. You can add these people or, if you want to add someone you know, search their username in the search bar. You can also check your friend requests in this tab.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you become friends with someone, there’s a list of things you can do. You can message them privately, challenge them to a battle, visit their kingdom, or send them a gift. You can send a friend two types of gifts: the daily gift and a fancy gift. The daily gift is a free gift you can send your friend every day, and it will reward them with coins. A fancy gift is something you have to pay for with crystals. These gifts will give your friend prestige. At the time of writing, prestige doesn’t do anything.