How to add friends on Halo Infinite

Party up with your pals and jump into a Halo Infinite match.

Image via 343 Industries

Teaming up with your pals and jumping into a Halo multiplayer match always makes the experience easier and more enjoyable. You’ll be able to do this by having friends on your friend’s list and joining their fireteam. Here’s what you need to know about adding friends to play Halo Infinite.

There are two platforms that you can play Halo Infinite on, Steam and through an Xbox application. If you’re playing through an Xbox application, go through the social network to search your friend’s gamertag and add them on there. Make sure the two of you have added each other, and then you should be able to join each other’s fireteams seamlessly. The same goes for Steam.

Alternatively, you can hit the Friends tab and directly search for that person while they’re playing Halo Infinite. When searching for friends, you should be able to find friends through Steam or even Discord. When inviting friends from Discord, make sure you have your Xbox account tied to your Discord profile to make it easier for the two services to sync. However, the Steam tag doesn’t show up as often as Discord does. Your friends on Steam should be available for you to find, but if you’re having trouble seeing them appear, we recommend manually searching for their profile name and sending them an invitation that way.

Halo Infinite does feature full crossplay, so PC players will be able to play with those playing on Xbox consoles. You won’t have to worry about what system your friends are using to enjoy Halo Infinite.