How to aim a shot in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

Ready to aim.

Image via Kalypso Games

Tennis players need to thread a fine needle when playing, as one errant shot could lead to an out and, thus, a loss of a point. It’s important to get that aim on a shot correct, and that remains true in the simulation tennis game, Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. So, how can you adjust the aim and direct the tennis ball in the desired location? Let’s go over the controls, plus some helpful tips to guide you during this process.

What is the control/button inputs to aim a shot in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

To aim a shot in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, it’s important to know the order of button inputs. This is because in this game, users need to choose a shot, and then aim it.

To start, pick one of the four Xbox (A/B/X/Y) or PlayStation (X/Circle/Square/Triangle) buttons, each of which controls a different kind of shot. Don’t forget to press and hold that particular button should you want to increase the power of the shot.

Then, move around the left stick to aim the shot. What’s good about the aiming system is that there is a feedback system in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, with regards to aiming. While attempting to aim, you should use a shadow-like black marker that appears on the opposing player’s side of the court. This indicates where the ball is slated to go. Users can move the left stick either to the left or right to change the direction of the shot.

Remember that one won’t be able to aim the shot until a type of shot is selected with any of the four buttons on the Xbox or PlayStation controller, depending on platform. This is important because if you don’t move the stick after the shot selection, the ball will not go in the intended direction.