How to avoid taking damage while using a Trident in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Here’s how to avoid crashing and burning under fire.

Trident Shootout

Season 7 introduced the first-ever pilotable vehicle to Apex Legends called the Trident. It is a hovercraft that spawns around the Olympus map. Once you learn the basics of how to drive it, it’s best to figure out how to avoid taking damage while you’re taking it for a joyride.

How damage works

Damage will be equally dealt to all squadmates within the Trident at a 1/3 damage rate that it would be at one foot. The Trident itself cannot take damage and be disabled by certain traps or weapons or destroyed by falling off the map.

Don’t use the Trident in close quarters

If you are driving into an area with many buildings, tight corners, or indoor areas, it’s best to hop out and do your traveling on foot. Keeping high-speed in these areas is near impossible, and you will be a large, clunky target to anyone who may be watching you.

Avoid being shocked

The Trident can be momentarily disabled by a course of shock. This can happen if you drive into a Wattson fence, get hit by an Arc Star, or get shot by a charged Sentinel. The best way to avoid this is to drive away from grenades as soon as you get the warning, brake or swerve out of the way of any fences, and try not to drive past locations with high sniper perches.

Take advantage of your speed

In the Trident, you are faster than any Legend with your boost. This includes Bloodhound and Octane. Time the boost right and drive away before a team can pile damage into you. Remember, you and your teammates will take one-third of the damage you would outside of the Trident, so even if they sneak up on you, you often still have time to get away.

Rely on teammates for better awareness of surroundings

You have one entity with three sets of eyes when your whole squad is riding. Take advantage of that. Have teammates call out anything they may see when you are driving, or keep an eye out if you are one of the ones along for the ride. That said, you should beware of the Trident’s blind spot. A few feet directly behind the Trident is a little difficult for all three squadmates to see.

Fight back

If another team is shooting you and they are on foot, and you are riding, fire back. Your damage will do more to them than their damage will do to you. If they are also in a Trident, getting that extra amount of firepower is important. If you or a teammate are playing Rampart, you can also attach Sheila to the Trident and fire from there. Vehicular combat adds a whole new aspect to the game.

Overall, staying on the move, keeping alert, and keeping out of close quarters will help keep you and your squad alive when traveling in a Trident. Fighting back will help you learn the difference between a battle on foot and a battle in a Trident in terms of strategy. Lastly, learning the times, it’s better to be on foot, is just as important as learning how and when to drive this flashy hovercraft.

The Trident is currently available only on the Olympus map, but maybe introduced to others in the future.