How to ban and unban someone on Discord

Keep the bad eggs out.

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Discord servers are great because they can build up a community. You can make a lot of friends in these areas, but unfortunately, there will always be people who take things a little too far and can be unruly. In cases where someone directly goes against any rules or looks to cause a little uncalled-for chaos, you may want to consider banning them. Here is what you need to know about how to ban and unban someone on Discord.

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How to ban people on a Discord server

To ban someone on a Discord server, you must have banning privileges. These permissions can be adjusted by the owner of the server or anyone with moderation permissions in the Roles section of the Server Settings (right-click your server icon on the left bar). Entire roles can be assigned these, so be sure everyone with that role can be trusted.

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To ban someone, all you have to do is find their username either in the chat or on the side list with everyone’s name on the server. Right-click their name and select Ban to bring up a new menu that will ask for information about why they are being banned, and you will be able to delete any message they have made in the server for up to the previous week.

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How to unban a person on a Discord server

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If anyone has been wrongly banned or has appealed to a mod to get the ban revoked, you can unban a person by going into your Server Settings and finding Bans under the Moderation section. Click on the username, and a new window will pop up, giving the reason why that person was banned. To allow them back in, click on the red Revoke Ban button.