How to battle players in Temtem

Temtem is an online adventure where you can freely do battle with any Tamer you interact with or see wandering around in the game.

Your adventure in Temtem is not all about completing the campaign and capturing as many creatures as possible to add to your roster. It’s also about testing your skills against another player Tamers to see who’s better. You can test your skills in heated battles, and you can perform them at any point in the game.

 To do battle against another trainer, hit the ESC key on your keyboard to open up your menu and go to the icon with two people standing next to each other. Scroll down to go to the interact or friends option, depending on who wants to battle. If you’re going to battle against a friend, you can find them on your friend’s list. If you’re going to fight a stranger wandering around in Temtem, go to the interact option. You should see a list of all the Temtem players in your area, and you can freely reach out to them to do battle. 

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When you send the invitation to fight someone, there’s a small timer for them to accept the request. If the Tamer does not respond within that time limit, the battle invitation goes away, and you need to find another to test your skills against. After a tamer accepts the request, you enter a battle, and you can use all of the Temtem available in your squad.

The battle has you using two of your Temtem at the same time. There’s a timer in the upper right-hand corner of your screen indicating how much time you have to act before the round begins. Also, you can see how many rounds the battle has been going on underneath the timer. Fighting a trainer is similar to doing battle with an NPC Tamer or a random Temtem you encounter in your travels. The only differences are the timers preventing matches from taking too much time, and you cannot use any items.

The battles are a way to test your Temtem squad and practice, so use it with your friends to try out how your roster fares against theirs. You can battle your friends as many times as you want, and after the battle, all of your Temtem return to full health.