How to beat Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite

The right tools for the job.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While exploring The Tower early on in Halo Infinite, players will meet Chak’Lok. An official torturer for the Banished, Chak’Lok likes to take advantage of stealth and close-quarters combat to cut down Master Chief.

Thankfully, players have just been gifted the best possible tool to help them beat him. Equip the tactical sensor that will show up enemy locations and fire it at the structure in the center of the room. You can do this the same way you use your grappling hook.

The sensor will ping out a large area, and you will be able to track your invisible enemy within it. It is a good idea to use an energy weapon rather than a ballistic weapon at first, as it will do far more damage to the enemy’s shields.

Chip away at the shields, keeping as much distance between you and Chak’Lok as you can to avoid his melee attacks. From time to time he will back out into the corridors. Don’t follow him, and instead, just leave the central structure between you to get your shields back.

As soon as his shields are down, switch to a ballistic weapon, or use your grapple hook to lock him down and then melee him to death.