How to beat Chapter 2: Invisible Eyes in Cyber Manhunt

Chapter 2, step by step.

Cyber Manhunt is an early access story-oriented puzzle game that aims at sensitive topics, including big data, hacking, privacy, and social workers – all of which draw parallels to real-life events. This guide will walk through the second chapter of the game – Chapter 2: Invisible Eyes.

Open the email about Tom Blanco.

  • Collect Tom’s name, and use the database to collect other information.

Browse for Tom Blanco’s Toothbook account.

  • Collect “blanco0509.” 

Use the Crack application to unlock Tom’s password, then log into his email.

  • Head over to the inbox and collect “Elsie Cameron,” “Are you, Professor Tom Blanco,” “my sex life has been non-existent for many years,” “you are a funny guy,” and “can we meet up.”

Head over to ‘My contact information’ and collect Elsie’s phone number, then collect the video from “Hey, friend, can you tell me what this is?”

  • Look up Elsie and her phone number in the database and then collect the information.

Open up Toothbook and browse for Elsie’s profile.

  • Collect Elsie’s nickname “Elsie,” and her Toothbook account name “TB2838848.”
  • Open up Crack to unlock Elsie’s password.

Use the above credentials to log in to Elsie’s Toothbook account.

  • Collect the photo of Elsie’s suicide attempt, “The Sunflower Inn,” and “you and Adam Edwards.”

Login to Elsie’s Hitalk account

  • From the chat with Chameleon, collect “Hey baby, do you know how much I miss your body.” 
  • From Lulu’s chat, collect “Adam’s 19th birthday.” – This will aquire Adam Edwards’ birthdate.
  • Collect the video of Elsie from Lulu’s chat.
  • Go into Miranda’s chat and collect “write into the cell phone dairy.”
  • Head back over to Adam’s chat and collect “a video of you having sex with a man,” and “sorry, let’s break up!”

Select ‘Hacking’ to hack into Elsie’s phone, and then select the following choices.

  • Pop singer – Barbie Saya
  • Photo album – password: Barbie Saya

Toggle the Gogo application to open Elsie’s browser history, and locate “how to trigger a brake failure.” Then, click on the Diary.

  • Password sequence: lower left – second row, far right – middle – top middle.
  • Open the file “10.14.2021” and collect “he has forced me to become his slave for now and in the future.”
  • Open the file “10.18.2021” and collect “he sent Adam the video of what happened to me.”

In the search engine, browse ‘Sunflower Inn’ and click on the website.

  • Collect the photo of Jon Thompson, the booking Tel for Sunflower Inn, the name “Jon Thompson,” and the hotel’s interior photo. 

Search “Adam Edwards” in the search engine and click on his Toothbook account.

  • Collect “heresadam.”

In the database, use Adam Edwards, along with his birthdate, to crack his password. Then, search “Jon Thompson” on Toothbook and proceed to his profile.

  • Collect the photo of Jon driving and “unique pattern that I designed, nothing in the world’s like it.”

At this point, the first inference is ready to be completed.

  • The people who had a physical relationship with Elsie – Adam, Tom, and Chameleon.

Pair/select for the following.

  • Adam – Lovers
  • Tom – No Aquatiance
  • Chameleon – Threatener
  • Where has the familiar pattern been seen? – Jon’s Toothbook profile.

Jon was the boss/manager of the sunflower hotel – he appears in Elsie’s Diary.

  • Raped Elsie and made indecent videos, Coerced Elsie to be his slave, and Forced Elsie to go to bed with another man.
  • The man who Jon wanted Elsie to seduce? – Tom

Anonymously call the Sunflower Inn, and make the following selections.

  • Darlene Perry
  • October 11

Collect Jon’s number.

  • Use Jon’s name and phone number and unlock his database, then crack his password. Jon’s nickname is Chameleon.

Open Jon’s email.

  • In Jon’s inbox, Activate Ashley’s event, which is in the first email from Van.
  • Collect the line “I currently want to obtain all the data in his project,” along with “the things I want.”
  • From the email titled ‘Jon, Chameleon,’ collect the photo, along with “you can address me as Van.”
  • Head over to the sent section, and locate the email sent to Adam.

Open Jon’s Hitalk account.

  • Collect “” from the chat with Zachary.
  • From Sara’s chat, collect “honey, let’s capture some fresh and interesting content tomorrow.”

Click on the porn website found in Jon’s profile.

  • Collect “Fallen Angel,” and “Hitalk: 798988987” from the forum rules.
  • Collect the video from the feed “come and look at my luscious girlfriend.”

In the search engine, look up the Hitalk account number ‘798988987.”

  • Open the lmeet profile, and collect “Mason Toney.”

Browse Mason Toney’s Toothbook account.

  • Collect “my role as president of the drama club.”

Utilizing Mason’s name and Hitalk account, unlock his information via the database, then crack his password with that information. Mason’s nickname is ‘Fallen Angel.’ – Open Mason’s Hitalk account.

  • From Adam’s chat, collect “given you an ID, it’s AD2002.”
  • From Chameleon’s chat, collect the photo of the symbols, as well as “I found a new target,” “the drama club alone has made a video of a dozen girls,” and “20 hotels that provide me with resources.”

Make the selection ‘Positioning.’

  • Having collected Jon’s three photos from earlier, go ahead and match his pictures for each of the options.
  • Select “10.29.2021 5:50 Mullin Road.”

The second inference is now available. We can now make the following decisions.

  • Who instructed Jon to attempt to steal the project data of Titan Technology? – Van
  • The encrypted email that Van sent to Jon is likely to hide? – The server with the AI project.
  • The line of symbols is very familiar. Where have I seen it before? – Porn X website.

Match the symbols with the corresponding letters.

  • Head back to Jon’s email with the encryption email and use the second inference password.
  • Collect the transfer website –

Use the Hacking program to hack into the server.

  • Complete the puzzle by matching the frequency.
  • Select upload, then delete the content.
  • Select ‘clearance plan’ and enter “Jon Thompson,” and then collect “Miranda Cameron.”