How to beat Enenra in Nioh 2

Enenra uses incredible speed to dominate its foes.

Image via Team Ninja

Enenra is a difficult boss battle in Nioh 2. It’s a smoke and fire Yokai that will keep you on your toes the entire fight. Because it’s a smoke and fire Yokai, you don’t want to get too close to it as it will use tornado attacks against you. You want to stay at a medium distance, peppering him with well-placed strikes.

Despite being a giant boss, Enenra moves exceptionally quickly. You want to dodge most of his attacks by keeping a reasonable distance away from it. If you have a weapon that utilizes medium-ranged attacks and does damage from afar, such as a spear or the kusarigama, you may want to use these during the encounter. One of the first attacks you will see it use is it tosses a series of bombs on the ground. You can avoid them easily, and they teach you that to win this fight you need to stay away from it.

The downside to keeping away from Enenra is that it can teleport directly behind you. You can catch it doing this when it slams its first together, which will prompt you to roll forward because it reaches out with a series of grabs and a kick. After these attacks, it’s usually vulnerable for a little bit of time, giving you the prospect to damage it.

Every so often, Enenra will summon bombs to appear in front of him suddenly, and you will need to dodge him. He does a brief, upward flourish when he summons them, giving you a small heads up, but not too much of one.

When Enenra becomes a tornado, you have the perfect opening to use your burst-counter for rushing in and interrupting its attack. You can quickly punish it whenever it tries this on you. The Enenra does this fairly often when entering the dark realm, and when it first enters this realm, it unleashes a brief tornado attack that can damage you.

A huge thing to consider during this first is the four pillars in the room. If you can have the Enenra damage and break these pillars, it dumps a hefty amount of water on it and causes a good chunk of damage. However, you can only do this four times during the encounter, so you want to use them when they will best assist you and not entirely lean on these as sole methods to win. Because this Yokai is fire-based, you can also imbue your weapon with water to further damage it.

If you keep your distance from Enenra and wait for it to finish its combos, you should have little trouble with this boss. You need to watch out for its bombs and be careful when it teleports.