How to beat Jawbone in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

There should be an achievement called Jaw Breaker for this one.

Image via Blizzard

You’ve probably heard the phrase “All bark and no bite” in the real world, but it applies to some places in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. When the world quest Mega Bite appears, you’ll be looking for the tortoise-like Jawbone in Bastion. Fortunately, that phrase applies perfectly here, as Jawbone is one of the easier pet battles you will come across in all of Shadowlands.

The most efficient way of dealing with Jaw Bone is to bring Ikky to the fight. All you need to use is Black Claw, followed by Flock, and this pet battle will be over before Jawbone knows what happened. You’ll have to watch out for a whirlpool attack, and the RNG gods might cause you to fall once or twice, but Ikky’s Black Claw and Flock are the perfect foil for this battle.

If you don’t have access to Ikky, there are several other options you can use for getting rid of Jawbone. You can use Iron Starlette, begin the fight with Wind-Up and Supercharge, then continue to use Wind-Up until the battle is over. Other options include any moth-type battle pet, which lets you use Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust. Whichever pet you choose, Jawbone is a small step on your road to conquering pet battles in Bastion.